Restive Souls

Restive Souls Rewrites History

The British win the Revolutionary War. Slaves are emancipated in the late 18th Century. 

A great African nation called The Carolina Union rises on the Eastern Coast of North America.

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Read these web stories for a look at what's to come...

A mysterious stranger approaches the Creek town of Pakanahuil

The Day the World Got Woke
A white man wakes up in an alternative world in which the North American continent is dominated by a great African nation.

From Plantation to Congregation: How Plantations Became Christian Sanctuaries in the 18th Century Carolina Union
Famed Carolina Union Historian Emmet Bolo describes the growth of congregational government in the Carolina Union and the early years of the Union’s theocratic democracy.

Songs of Narragansett: The Black Liberation of Newport, Part 1
The British would may have never emancipated the slaves if not for the seaport rebellions during the war.

Was Emmet Bolo the World’s Greatest Historian, or its Greatest Con Man?
Just who, exactly, was Emmet Bolo?

Major Congregations in the Carolina Union
A list of major congregations in the Carolina Union

The Timeline for Restive Souls (subject to change)
A historical timeline written for the alternative history of the Carolina Union

Restive Souls Cast of Characters
Characters appearing in the novel Restive Souls