☛ The MagicLand Chronicles is a collection of free web-based stories taking place during the 2,000-year MagicLand timeline. MagicLand is my debut novel published by New York’s Morgan James Publishing. You can buy it here. The MagicLand Chronicles feature characters who do not appear in the novel MagicLand. The plots are also completely independent of the novel. How many MagicLand Chronicles might there be over the next few years? The possibilities are endless. A lot can happen in a 2,000-year timeline. These are all free on Medium (but there is a free reading limit on Medium if you are not a member). Click or tap one of the links below to read one.

The Dragons Amongst Us There are some who say that there is a third species. Not of Gath. Not of Moria.

Triage — Part One A young woman returns home after the Third Eradication. Let the magic begin.

The Fires of Easterly When I see the glows in the Easterly realm, I wonder if a firestarter like me gassed up some old industrial waste and created a fire that will never end.

The First Reckless There are some places augmented humans are not supposed to go.

The Death of Charlie Hollywood His death brings new life into her world.

The Behavior Scale If you think credit scores are problematic, wait until you see this.

The Graft Queen He sliced the head clean off the Gath. Why didn’t it grow back?

Where Is MagicLand? Stories of a land of magic abound. But are they real?

The House of Nadab Welcome to our house, where you choose how to die

There’s an App for That The beings move at the speed of light, even when they are perfectly still.

Mary Catches Fire for Free The Gath had nearly destroyed us. Then along came Mary.

The Wanderer A ghost hunts for prey in the new land of Magic

The Cesspool Mermaid She was living in a small shallow pond full of toxic waste.